Simona Uberto

"Belongings! Myworks are a glimpse of every day life, they belong to a place and a time, ours.Together in the fragility of existence". 


Born in Savona in 1965, Simona Uberto plays withhuman silhouettes and with every day life. No painting, no canvases, much lessoils that color the surfaces, the verticality of the wall becomes a straightline parallel to the motionless strolling of figures attached to it.  

Simona Uberto is full professorof painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where she completedartistic studies. Since 1989 he has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions,presenting sculptures, installations with the use of photography.

Referencegallery: Melesi Gallery in Lecco. There are several galleries with which hecollaborated: Maab Gallery in Padova, Romberg Gallery in Latina, Rossmut Galleryin Rome, Colophonarte in Belluno. Main critics and curators, who have writtenabout the work: Giorgio Bonomi, Alberto Fiz, Simona Bartolena, Maria LauraGelmini, Melania Rossi, to name a few. 

Publications in the main newspapers and magazines: La Repubblica 1999,Corriere della Sera 2002, Exibarton paper 2008. Domus 1993, Flash Art Milano 1994-1999-2001,Colophonarte, Belluno 2014 and others.


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