"Extra View" 2023
Melesi Lecco Gallery
SIMONA UBERTO Extra view  

Duration: 4 March – 13 May 2023

Hours: from Tuesday to Saturday 16 – 19, other times by appointment  

solo exhibition of Simona Uberto in the spaces of the Melesi Gallery The theme dealt with in Extra view is that of the home, starting from a reflection by the artist: «We are our home, guests and hosts, we were born from a "living home", protected and cared for, to then insert ourselves into a more large, motionless and inanimate, composed of four walls and a roof. The inhabited house is our protection, our refuge, a symbol of care, love, sharing and acceptance in the world. In our existential journey, we always carry our home with us, wherever we go we rebuild and furnish it meticulously, in our image and likeness. The house can be defined as such when it is inhabited, and I like to imagine an open transparent house built only with words that protect and define us. To each according to his volume…».

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