Family 2022
"Family" 2022 Installation composed of 44 words, modeled by hand, designed and written by different people. I asked everyone to give me a word, but not just any one, but a word that at that moment had a particular meaning in their existence. With this project, I wanted to build the idea of ​​the "Expanded family" that each of us can choose freely, a family to belong to, made up of fortuitous encounters at times random or predestined, chosen by each of us for the most varied reasons. So here is the construction of my current home, meaning "home" as that place of the soul that welcomes and shares with the other, remaining open to all the inevitable changes, some people enter, some leave, some remain forever. Thanks to all the dancers who shared and collaborated on the project with passion and great love for art. Thanks to Chetan Chauhan, Camilla De Campo, Rebecca Erroi, Barbara Mazzetta, Mattia Peruzzo. Simona Uberto 
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